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Christopher Walker, the 1st Phantom, creating The Oath of the Skull.

The Oath of the Skull is the sacred oath sworn by each successive son of the Walker family who assumes the mantle of The Phantom. To date, 21 different people have sworn this oath.


During the sixteenth century, a man named Christopher Walker was sailing on the seas of Africa with his father, when they fell prey to pirates' attack. The pirates slaughtered the ship's crew and blew up the ship. The only survivor was young Christopher. He was washed up onto the Bangallan Beach. He then took his father's skull and swore an oath upon it, vowing to devote his life to fighting against piracy, greed and injustice, and swearing that this oath would be upheld be each successive generation. Thus originated the first Phantom. He became friends with the various local tribes and dedicated his life to fighting injustice and cruelty. The violet (purple) costume was standardized by this Christopher 'Kit' Walker.


"I swear to devote my life to the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty and injustice! And my sons, and their sons, shall follow me!"


Kit Walker, the 21st Phantom, swearing The Oath of the Skull upon his father's death bed.

The Phantom is known as " The Ghost Who Walks ", and is believed to have lived for more than 400 years. But in reality, this is just a myth. The Phantom is an ordinary human being. Almost every Phantom has married a woman of Royal Blood. They have had sons, most of whom have shared the name, Kit Walker. When a father Phantom retires from his work as Phantom, his son takes his place, swears the oath and becomes the new Phantom. Then the father is buried inside a secret burial chamber inside the Skull Cave.

But it is not only the son who becomes the Phantom. Evidences of female Phantoms have also been found. Sometimes a daughter would take on the task of the Phantom in a similar Phantom outfit. This way the Phantom lives on, and has become a jungle legend.