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Moonstone Books is a comic book publisher based in Chicago. The company began publishing creator-owned comics in 1995, and since 2001 has also published comic books based on a number of licensed properties, including Buckaroo Banzai, Bulldog Drummond, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Mr. Moto, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, The Phantom (their most successful title), and several titles based in White Wolf's World of Darkness.

Moonstone's best selling title is The Phantom, based on Lee Falk's famous comic strip character. Moonstone is doing a lot to raise public awareness of the character, and have announced a large array of special Phantom projects to coincide with the 70th Anniversary of "The Ghost Who Walks". In late 2005, Mike Bullock (of "Lions, Tigers and Bears" fame) signed on to become the writer of the on-going Phantom comic book series, taking over from Ben Raab.

Moonstone's "Kolchak" run have been a commercial success for the company. The scripts for the stories are often based on unfilmed scripts for the old TV-show Kolchak The Night Stalker.

Moonstone's editor-in-chief is Joe Gentile, who frequently writes his own stories for their comics. Frequent writers and artists for their books are Mike Bullock, Chuck Dixon, Ben Raab, Rafael Nieves, Peter David, Graham Nolan, EricJ, Tom Mandrake, Vatche Mavlian, Doug Klauba, Mike W. Barr, Tom DeFalco, Max Allan Collins, and Ron Goulart.

Moonstone have recently invented an all new comic book format, called "Wide-Vision", which aims to look like widescreen films. The format made its premiere in July 2006 with a 72-page The Phantom story called "Law of the Jungle", written by Joe Gentile and with painted artwork by Paul Guinan. Other wide-vision stories with the Phantom and Kolchak have also been announced.

Moonstone recently published a Stoker Award-nominated prose anthology with Kolchak, which became a big seller. Due to the success of the Kolchak collection, Moonstone have recently announced two new prose anthologies with The Phantom, one with The Spider, one with The Avenger and one with Doc Savage.

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