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The lineage of The Phantom, passed down from generation to generation.

This is a chronological list depicting the lineage of those who have taken up the mantle of The Phantom, the 'The Ghost Who Walks', in an unbroken line of father-to-son, and have continued to fight injustice and evildoers for over 400 years. This legendary masked hero is descended from an English seafarer named Christopher Walker, who over 400 years ago, was sailing on the seas of Africa with his father, when they fell prey to an attack by pirates. The pirates slaughtered the ship's crew, but not before the ship's captain blew up his own ship. The only survivor was young Christopher who washed up onto the golden beaches of Bangalla. Finding the pirate lord who killed his father, the young man swore an oath over the skull of his father's murderer - that he and his descendants would devote their lives to "...the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty and injustice..." This oath would become the basis of The Oath of the Skull, the sacred pledge taken by each successive Walker that assumes the mantle of The Phantom. Thus, originated the 1st Phantom, and from him, an unbroken line that stretches down four centuries of history.

List of Phantoms[]

N/A ca. 1477-1535 Christopher Standish Walker Christopher Standish Walker was the father of the 1st Phantom. Originally, he was unnamed in 1936 daily origin story, but later (e.g. 1969 Sundays, 1989 dailies) called Kit Walker. In his youth, he served as cabin boy to the famous Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, then explored the New World and discovered a desert mesa which became known as "Walker's Table," around 1499. Later, became a sea Captain and was killed in the fateful pirate raid which led to his son becoming the first Phantom.
1st Phantom 1516-1566 Kitridge Walker. "Over four hundred years ago" (dates variously specified as 1525, 1535-6 or 1550), sole survivor of a pirate raid, washed up on a remote Bangalla beach, saved by pygmies, Upon finding body of pirate who killed his father, swore The Oath of the Skull that he and his descendants would fight pirates and evildoers. (1936 daily origin, retold many times with slight variations). 1975 Sunday story depicts him meeting the Bandar in 1550 and fulfilling their prophecy of a man from the sea saving them from slavery. He also gave them the secret of their poison arrows, further explaining their eternal friendship. He is also depicted getting the idea for his identity and costume from a native idol, and with Bandar finding the Skull Cave. Destroyed Scorpia pirate band? (1958 dailies). 1979 Sundays say he married Christina, daughter of Eric the Rover. Other stories say he married a Spanish princess (7/30/89) or unnamed granddaughter of Christopher Columbus (The Heirs, 1978).
2nd Phantom 1555-1609 Unnamed Son of first Phantom, father of boy who played Hamlet, for whom he traveled to London in 1602. Married Christopher Columbus' granddaughter Marabella (1979 Sundays; other stories indicate this was 1st). During visit to pre-colonial America reclaimed Walker's Table (Novel, 1984 Sundays, 1989 dailies). Killed by Barbary Pirates.
3rd Phantom 1586-1625 Unnamed As a boy educated in England and played Hamlet in original Shakespeare production at Globe Theater, ca. 1604, and married Shakespeare's niece Rosamunda (1971,1978/9 Sundays). According to 1984 Sundays, received Diamond Cup of Alexander from Sultan Mamoud Ben Al'lina, and in 1616, married Princess Pura (daughter of an Indian Maharajah, who was originally intended to Sultan). (According to 1989 Sundays this was actually the 4th, with the 3rd Phantom marrying an actress).
4th Phantom Born in 1604; Died; unknown. Unnamed Educated in England. 1989 story of "Capt. Amazon Pirate Queen" states he eloped with a Maharaja's daughter.
5th Phantom 1626-1662 Unnamed Fought Pirate Captains Saba, Blood and Blackbeard around 1635 and became "King Saba, King of Pirates"; Married Juliet Adams, "Captain Amazon the Pirate Queen," daughter of American clipper Captain Adams (1989 story). First Phantom to fight the Thuggees in 1650 (1990 story).
6th Phantom ca. 1660's Unnamed Rescued Queen Natala of Navarre from Pirate Redbeard and later married her, turned pirate band into the Jungle Patrol (said to be founded 1664) (1st Novel, 1973 & 1991 dailies, 1979 Sundays). (Other stories say this was 7th, with the 6th marrying a Sultan's daughter (8/13/89).
7th Phantom Mid-late 1600's Unnamed Saved emperor Joonkar (AKA "Joomkar" or "Joonkoor" according to some stories), who bequeathed the Golden Beach of Keela-Wee and commissioned Michelangelo to carve Phantom Head Peak (Novel, 1966 & 1986 Sundays; other stories indicate a somewhat later Phantom). 7th may have been also been the Phantom who first met the Little People and established the Treaty of the Rattle (1956 Sundays stated to be 300 years previously, present Phantom's Grandfather "12x removed"). As noted some stories (e.g. 8/13/89 Sunday story of "Capt Amazon Pirate Queen") attribute founding of Jungle Patrol to 7th Phantom (Sjefen of Norway suggests the 7th Phantom continued the founding of the Jungle Patrol after the 6th died.)
8th Phantom Date of birth; unknown. Died ca. 1726. Unnamed Said to be tallest Phantom. Fought demons of Kognia and destroyed witches' castle. Built secret path through Great Swamp and died of snakebite (Frew#899A). Another story says he was mortally wounded by an arrow in the back by the Mongols. Married Heloise, the Hanta Witch, 1675 or 1685 (1979 dailies/Sundays). 1991-2 Sunday story "The 4th Son" shows the 8th Phantom married to an Englishwoman who gave him 4 sons, all named Kit!
9th Phantom Unnamed Born ca. 1700. Died; unknown. AKA "The Runt", described by Old Man Mozz as the strongest and shortest Phantom. As noted above, one of 4 sons all named Kit; became Phantom and married Mongol Princess Vhatta ca. 1726. Also destroyed Zaal, idol of human sacrifice, in Eastern Dark (Sundays 1983,1990, Dailies 1977,Sundays 1983,1990).
10th Phantom 1700's (Died ~ after 1740) Unnamed All that is known is that he rescued a Scandinavian ship captain's daughter from sinking and married her (Sundays 11/26/78 and 8/6/89).
11th Phantom 1700's Unnamed Little known; according to 11/26/78 Sunday married a Majaraja's daughter. 8/13/89 Sunday indicates he ran off with an Indian Maiden.
12th Phantom Born; unknown. Died 1812 Unnamed Seen in 1980 Sunday story of 13th Phantom and 1987 story of Irrondi & Great Ones.
13th Phantom Born; unknown. Active; 1793-1811. Succeeded ca. 1812 Unnamed Finest swordsman of his age, educated in America, fought in war of 1812, Married Jeanette, sister of famous pirate Jean Lafitte ca. 1812-8 (1979-1980 Sundays). (1994 dailies say he married Indian Chief's daughter and searched for buried pirate treasure in 1795, and that it was the 14th who married Jeanette. 1994 dailies also indicate that the 13th Phantom knew his own grandfather the 11th, perhaps unique in the Phantom line).
14th Phantom Born; unknown. Active; 1812-1831. Died; ca. 1831 Unnamed Ended slave trade of the Eastern Dark (1977 d, 1984 & 1990 Sundays).
15th Phantom Born; unknown. Succeeded ca. 1831 Unnamed Said to have married an Italian opera singer, Juliet Adams. Eyed by an unnamed Priestess in the Mejo tribe (11/26/78 Sunday, 8/13/89 Sunday, 12/23/94 daily).
16th Phantom Born; unknown. Active ~1840's-1860's Unnamed Father of twins Kip and Julie (the "female Phantom"). In 1994 dailies, called "the masked cowboy" and shown to marry Annie Morgan in Texas in the 1840's-1850's. Died after 1867.
17th Phantom Born; 1852. Died; unknown. Unnamed. "Kip", educated in Rome, had twin sister Julie who temporarily served as the female Phantom while he was injured (Novel, 1952 Sundays). Also referred to in the story of the "Snake Goddess" (Frew #899A).
18th Phantom Born; unknown. Active, late 1800's? Unnamed Little information. Apparently came very close to dying without an heir, but finally married Janie Cary who bore him a son, according to Barry Stubbersfield. Other sources consider Julie, sister of 17th, to be the 18th Phantom, with 19th marrying Jane.
19th Phantom 1870-~1915 or 1924 Unnamed Considered strongest of Phantom line. 1951 Sunday story and Novel indicate he was the first Phantom to meet the Rope People, for whom he performed a series of great feats similar to the Labors of Hercules (1980 daily story indicates this was great grandfather of 20th Phantom, i.e. 17th, while 20th had to repeat feats to rescue Dr. Thorne & daughter who he was to marry.) Destroyed Singh Pirate ship in Bengali Bay and placed good mark on Dr. Worth and descendants (1959 Sundays). According to 1964 & 1971 stories of the Cary family, this Phantom (current Phantom's grandfather) married Jane Carey around 1910 and placed Good Mark on Dr. Cary protecting his hospital and descendants. However Stubbersfield (supported by 1978 Sundays) says 19th married June Archer or June Thorne, daughter of Dr. Archer of Rope People story. The 19th Phantom also banned guns from jungle (9/95 daily story).
20th Phantom Early-Mid 1900's Unnamed Father of the current 21st Phantom, stabbed/killed in battle with Singh river pirates (1954 Sundays). Usually said to have married Lady Maude (mother of our 21 Phantom); both kidnapped and imprisoned months by Highland/Mountain Prince (1953 & 1989 Sundays). (However 1980 daily story of The Tree House refers to current Phantom's father rescuing his fiance and her father Dr. Thorne from Rope People. Other stories attribute this to 19th as noted above). Endowed Dr. Axel's Jungle Hospital, which is protected by the Good Mark in gratitude for Dr. Axel's delivery of the baby 21st (cited in many stories incl. 1990 dailies). In 'Saved by Fate', it's said he, by chance, caught moldy bread in Alexander Flemming's study, accidentally creating Penicillin. He was there to find a cure for his mother, who had a staphylococcal infection.
21st Phantom Mid-Late 1990s Kit Walker Hero of the comic strip since 1936, which is still active. Educated in the USA, college sports hero (Novel, 1944 & 1959 Sundays). Married Diana Palmer in 1977, children Kitridge Walker and Heloise. Repeated grandfather's feats for Rope People, resumed ancient friendship of Phantom and Little People (1950's Sundays). Reestablished role as Guardian of the Eastern Dark (1977 dailies). Note: Earlier stories indicated the modern era Phantom 16th or 20th of the line, not until 1960's was the current Phantom definitively settled to be 21st! Also note that obviously the 21st Phantom's career is inordinately long, having started in 1936 and still going strong in 2006, so these time spans are not realistic!
22nd Phantom Mid 1990s-Early 2000s Kitridge Walker (Known as Kit Walker Jr.) The story of the son of the 21st Phantom begins with no Phantom, as he was the last of series. After being raised to assume the mantle of The Phantom, Kitridge Walker instead decides to forego his destiny as a masked crime fighter and lives a comfortable life with his family, running the day-to-day affairs of the Walkabout Foundation, created by one of the previous Walkers to help support charities in Bangalla. But following the death of his family at the hands of a terrorist organization, Kitridge assumes the mantle as the 22nd Phantom, and finds new purpose as he fulfills his destiny. He later takes a spouse and has children of his own, so that one day, his son too, will assume the mantle as the future Phantom.
23rd Phantom 2000-s-2024, 2040 Kit Walker The 23rd Phantom was active in the year 2020. He lost his wife at a very early stage and then raised his son on his own. He tried to clean up widespread pollution in Metropia (once known as New York City) by using a very special plant, native to Bangalla, known as ghostwood. The 23rd Phantom disappeared around the year 2024, when his son was two years old, and for years no one knew what had happened to him. Maxwell Madison, Sr. died around the same time. Finally, his son Kit found the 23rd Phantom and discovered that he was still alive after having frozen himself. He was poisoned from the very pollution he'd been trying to cure, however, so he soon fell in a coma before his son found him. He and Maxwell Madison, Sr. had tried to clean the city together, but they had been betrayed by Madison's wife, Rebecca Madison. She killed her husband and the 23rd Phantom via poisonous gas, though later revived her husband by using his memories. Through the same technology, the 23rd's son managed to transfer his memories to a computer just before he died.
24th Phantom 2040-? Kit Walker Kit became orphaned at a the age of two, when his father disappeared in 2024 (his mother was already dead), and was raised by his great aunt Heloise in Metropia (once known as New York City). Heloise hoped that Kit's fate as a crime fighter could be avoided, though later she had to accept his choice. He therefore, unlike his ancestors, had no training to become the Phantom. On his eighteenth birthday, Guran reveals the truth to him. He is then given the Skull Ring and the Phantom suit and later, he swears the Oath of the Phantom. Piece by piece, he gets to know his history. And finally how his father, the 23rd Phantom, came to die.
26th Phantom Mid-Late 21st Century Kit Walker At some point during the mid-21st century, Kit Walker assumed the mantle of The Phantom from his father upon his deathbed. He eventually marries and his two sons, Kurt, his oldest, and Kit. Eventually he came to discover that his oldest son Kurt was unworthy of inheriting the mantle as the next Phantom, never having learned that to be 'The Ghost That Walks', what is truly means to serve others.
27th Phantom Late 21st Century-22nd Century Kit Walker Son of the 26th Phantom, Kit is raised alongside his older brother Kurt and undergoes the brutal training all potential future Phantoms must undergo. Tradition dictated that the mantle of Phantom was usually passed down from father to his eldest son. However, Kit's father eventually came to realize that Kurt was not worthy of becoming the next Phantom, for he had never learned to be humble and selfless, and what it meant to truly serve others. Therefore, the mantle was passed on to Kit. This version of The Phantom seems to have innate abilities not displayed by previous Phantoms, including temporary enhanced strength. He also has similar animals companions, named Hero and Devil (most likely descendants of the original Hero and Devil). During his time as The Phantom, he would fight against his brother Kurt, who had assumed the evil alias N'Dama, the Weather Demon. Kit gets married and has a daughter named Jedda Walker, who displays telepathic and limited psychic abilities. She has a pet black panther named Kisa. Its implied she is romantically involved with Rick Gordon, son of Flash Gordon.
28th Phantom 22nd Century Jedda Walker Being the only child of the 27th Phantom, Jedda was destined to assume the mantle as the 28th Phantom. During her father's time as The Phantom, she once thought her father had prematurely died, and so, temporarily assumed the mantle as 'The Ghost Who Walks' At some point, she would accept her fate as the next Phantom following the death of her father and swear The Oath of the Skull.
31st Phantom Late 22nd Century-Early 23rd Century? Unknown The 31st Phantom is notable for having a high-tech right hand, after having lost his proper hand in a battle with "the Patrol", apparently a future version of the Jungle Patrol that had evolved into a crime organization. In the stories of the 31st Phantom it is also stated that the 21st Phantom was the last to live in the Skull Cave. The 31st Phantom is assisted by G'ran – future chief of the Bandar and a descendant of Guran.


This chronology is mostly derived from "The Phantom FAQ" by Todd Goldberg at his website, The Phantom FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)