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The Good Mark Ring is one of two ancient signet rings that are always worn by The Phantom. This ring is always worn on the middle finger of the left hand. It has been used since the time of the 5th Phantom. This particular ring is rarely utilized, except in very rare circumstances, when someone helps The Phantom in some sort of significant way.


The origins of this ancient ring are unknown, except that it has been used by The Phantom since the time of the 5th Phantom in the 17th century. The Good Mark Ring features an insignia that looks like a cross made with four stylized letter "P"s, which represents the sabre swords of Big Bart, Crusher, Redbeard and Salla.

How the Rings Work[]

In a recent edition of The Last Phantom comic, it is finally revealed how the Skull Ring actually works and is able to leave permanent mark behind on the skin after someone is punched with it. As the series progresses, young Kit Walker (the future 21st Phantom) has flashbacks about his father, the 20th Phantom, and remembers the all the lessons imparted to him during his childhood and adolescence. As a boy, he learned the various skills and techniques which he might need when he takes over as the next Phantom. Kit asks his father about the rings on how do they work. Logically, we know that with a simple ring it would be all but impossible to leave even a temporary mark!

The 21st Phantom asks his father how the signet rings work.

According The Last Phantom writer, Scott Beatty, it is really NOT the punch itself but a specific juice from a Bangallan berry that is dabbed on the signets. This juice is an allergen, which creates a permanent and indelible tattoo. By using the two rings in tandem a Phantom is able to strike a balance between good and evil, for without the marks, how would a Phantom know which is which?

Good Mark Necklace[]

Caroline Benson wearing a Good Mark Necklace.

Alternatively, on rare occasions The Phantom might present a necklace with the Good Mark insignia rather than a permanent mark from the Good Mark Ring. These are granted to those persons who have helped The Phantom significantly, usually by saving his life. In return, The Phantom offers these individuals his protection - an offer which extends to the descendant's of the original recipient who wear the necklace. Persons who have been given the necklace include:

Ahmed Ben Salim 10th Phantom Gift from the 10th Phantom. Fantomen Issue #10/1990, "The Secrets of the Pyramids"
Alona 21st Phantom Gift from the 21st Phantom. Fantomen Issue #7/1989 "The Yellow Death"
Ben Calico 6th Phantom? Gifted to his father from the 6th Phantom or earlier. Fantomen Issue #10/1999, "The Black Phantom"
Caroline Benson 21st Phantom Gift from the 21st Phantom. Fantomen Issue: 11/2000, "Viva Las Vegas"
Dr. Douglas McQuade 19th Phantom Gift from the 19th Phantom. "The Last Viking"
Dr. Ernst Heath Unknown Gift from a past Phantom. Fantomen Issue #5/1983, "The White Slave Trade"
Edgar Rice Burroughs 18th Phantom Gift from 18th Phantom. Fantomen Issue #4/1999, "Lord of the Jungle"
Gershom Weiner Unknown Phantom Gift from an unknown Phantom to Gershom's mother. Fantomen Issue #13/1988, "Golem"
Granger 18th Phantom Gift from the 18th Phantom. "The Stolen Ring", 100th Sunday comic story. (1976)
James Sinclair 19th Phantom Gift from 19th Phantom Fantomen Issue #23/1994, "At the End of the Road"
Janie Cary 19th Phantom? Possibly a gift from 19th Phantom. Fantomen Issue #14/2009, "Saved by Fate"
João Figuera 14th Phantom Gift from 14th Phantom. Fantomen Issue #8/1977, "Goldhand"
John Bromtom 6th Phantom Gift from 6th Phantom. Fantomen Issue #5/1994, "Secrets of the Gold Container"
Lili Mayerling 19th Phantom Gift from 19th Phantom. Fantomen Issue #24/1986, "The Cloud Pirates"
Majgren 10th Phantom Gift from 10th Phantom. Fantomen Issue #22/1974, "Mutiny"
Malcolm Murray 16th Phantom Gift from 16th Phantom. Fantomen Issue #1/1999, "The Well of Time"
Mark and Jenny Miller 21st Phantom Gift from 21st Phantom. Fantomen Issue #2/1995, "The Murder Rap"
Max and Moritz 21st Phantom Gift from the 21st Phantom. Fantomen Issue #11/1992, "The Wolfman of Montargis"
Pietro 21st Phantom Gift from 21st Phantom. Fantomen Issue #12/1981, "The Emperor's Treasure"
Renata di Mascarelli 9th Phantom or 10th Phantom Gifted from an unknown Phantom to her grandfather. Fantoment Issue #2/1975, "The Prisoner in Venice"
Scott McDougall 20th Phantom Gift from 20th Phantom. Fantomen Issue #12/2014, "Temple of the Snow Demon"
Stanstone 19th Phantom Gift from 19th Phantom. "The Stolen Trophy", 83rd Sunday comic story. (1971)
Wamwa 21st Phantom Gift from 21st Phantom. Fantomen Issue #9/1983, "Revenge of the Drummer"
Mrs. Zebeke Unknown Phantom Gifted to an ancestor by an unknown Phantom. Fantomen Issue #12/2007, "Deadly Virus"