--stephanie d. curry 20:21, March 3, 2018 (UTC)stephanie and jang!garden troll robot is a garden tool to help controll the garden which is a garden that has many species of seeds and flowers,plants and pots of trees and much more like fertilizer and many stuff+ the robot is green and looks like a garden tool that is made in to a 3d printer that also keeps data of every thing dome and sent over to the human instructor of the introduction of the garden.this robot also has a green house shed and the robot goes in to the shed when it is time to stop and the robot is programmed to come out at certain times and the robot has to be cleaned and oiled and there are robot instructions on how to clean a robot that has many attached tool devices and a 3d a 3d printer to show all designed troll robot work for the garden.this robot is very popular. you can build a long pipe cleaner that you can use to make bird cages which i love to do and is not very hard to do to clean a robot,you need to use robot cleaner which is a cleaner that has many herbal functions of low chemicals and is very fruity but not a candy but a lotion oil and then let it sit for about one hour and then try the robot out and too,you can make garden troll gummy robots of many colors and that goes the same with all the garden stuff too, even the green gloves and many stuff animals in gummy garden troll candies fruit gummies and a garden troll robot cell phone designed, the same as the robot and the garden stuff including the tools and there can be many gummy garden troll robots clothes and the shoes and much more including all the parts of the garden even the 3d printer gracious have a great day in life on creating a new device of intelligents amen.

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