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Frew Publications is a comic Publication company that is the original and current license holder for Phantom Comics in Australia. Frew publishes Lee Falk's The Phantom comic in Australia, and formerly published other comics including Falk's earlier creation Mandrake the Magician. It operates from central Sydney and its managing director is Jim Shepherd. The Phantom is still Australia's best selling comic book. Frew Currently publishes a mixture of American comics and Original Australian Phantom Comics.


Frew Publications began in 1948 with four men throwing in 500 Australian pounds each, and funding their own publication house. The four founding members were Ron Forsyth, Jim Richardson, Jack Eisen and Peter Watson. . Unfortunately, before the very first comic was produced, Jack Eisen and Peter Watson withdrew from the company, and Ron Forsyth and Jim Richardson were left to Continue the Business.

In 2006 Frew celebrated 70 years of continuity, longer than any other Australian comics syndicate.

As of November 6, 2007, Frew Publications has issued 1492 editions of The Phantom.

The Name[]

FREW logo

The Name Frew is an acronym made from the surnames of the four founders of Frew publications.

  • F: Forsyth, Ron
  • R: Rishardson, Jim
  • E: Eisen, Jack
  • W: Watson, Peter

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