Written by Mike Bullock Pencils by Silvestre Szilagyi Inks by Sergio Mulko Colors by Bob Pedroza Cover by ZJ

16pgs, color, $1.99

LTD (to 200) “Black Book” cover edition: $3.99


The Jump Start for the new series next month!

It all starts here! From the Chronicles of the First Phantom comes a re-telling of his origin like you’ve never seen it before. This issue is a perfect primer for those new to the Phantom, and gives existing readers something special as well. As an added bonus: several pages from the upcoming Phantom Handbook!

RETAILER INCENTIVE: for every 5 copies purchased, receive one free variant “inverse cover” edition!

”[Moonstone] captures the adventure and fun that made the character a legend.” - The 4th Rail

"This book looks as good as anything coming out of the Big Two, and it reads better than most of it." – Comixtreme

”Mike Bullock's Phantom is a masterful extrapolation on Lee Falk's original." – Silver Bullet Comic Books

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