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The 5th Phantom was the 5th person in the line of secession to have taken The Oath of the Skull, and thus, assumed the mantle of The Phantom. Like his father before him, and his father, he committed his life to end piracy, injustice and cruelty.



Other VersionsEdit

Version According to Sunday StripEdit

According to the weekly syndicated Sunday Strip written by Lee Falk,

Version According to MoonstoneEdit

Version According to BastielEdit

According to Bastiel, the 5th Phantom


  • Olympic Level Athlete
  • Agility
  • Animal Control
  • Escape Artist
  • Expert Tracker
  • Leadership
  • Expert Marksmanship
  • Swordsmanship
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Weapon Master

Weapons & EquipmentEdit

  • Phantom Suit
  • Domino Mask - A small rounded mask that covers the area around the eyes and the space between them.
  • Skull Ring - He utilizes this ring as a means to leave a bad mark (known as a 'Skull Mark') upon a criminal, to permanently mark them as an unsavory person.
  • Leather Belt
  • Pair of British Naval Flintlock Pistols
  • Dagger - A dagger is hidden in one of the boots of The Phantom.

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