NOV 06 • 32 pg • FC • $3.50

Written by Mike Bullock Pencils by Carlos Magno Inks by Carlos Magno Colors by Cover A by Joe Prado, Carlos Magno & Rod Reis

"TIGER’S BLOOD” Part 2 of 2


The Phantom is as much a part of the jungle as any wild animal, but what happens when the jungle comes to life with the intent of ending the Phantom’s days? How does this tie in to the recent rash of poaching and who’s behind it all? Find out right here!

New regular series writer Mike “Lions, Tigers and Bears” Bullock is joined by new artist Carlos Magno.

"It's obvious the folks at Moonstone have the highest respect for the Phantom, and I'm eager to see how they continue to bring [his] adventures to a modern comics audience." - Digital Webbing

“These new comics carry on the legend admirably. – Silver Bullet Comic Books.” - World Famous Comics
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