THE PHANTOM #12 SEP 06 • 32 pg • FC • $3.50, September 2006

Written by Mike Bullock Art by Gabriel Rearte Colors by Ken Wolak Cover by Joe Prado & Rod Reis

Limited (to no more than 2000 copies) Premium cover by Ruben Procopio & Brad Vancata!

"TIGER’S BLOOD” Part 1 of 2


When poachers come ashore in Bangalla to harvest the organs of jungle cats, they soon discover they’re the ones being hunted.

However, these are more than just ordinary poachers and just what do they want with these organs?

And who is the mysterious man in the bar?

New regular series writer Mike “Lions, Tigers and Bears” Bullock begins his run here, with new cover artist Joe “Rann-Thanagar War” Prado.

ADDED Bonus feature: a new on-going column on Phantom history and lore by Phantom Scholar Ed Rhoades: “Behind the Mask”!

"This is a title that revels in what is right about the character…" - Pop Thought

“Moonstone has spared no expense in putting together an attractive, quality product..” – Silver Bullet Comic Books

“[Moonstone] captures the adventure and fun that made the character a legend.” - The 4th Rail

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