JUL 07 • 32 pg • FC • Cover A $3.50/Cover B $4.50

Written by Mike Bullock Pencils by Silvestre Szilagyi Inks by Silvestre Szilagyi Colors by Bob Pedroza

Cover A by Darryl Banks, Terry Austin and Bob Pedroza Cover B by Joe Corroney

"Invisible Children Part 2 (of 3)"

Torn from today's headlines, The Phantom continues his one-man war against the evil warlord known only as HIM. But, what terrible secret is the warlord hiding and what will he do to The Phantom when he discovers it?

Moonstone Books teams with YOU to make a difference in this tragic, continuing real world atrocity. In order to do this, Moonstone has enlisted legendary artists to create limited edition B covers for each issue of this story arc. For each limited edition issue of Phantoms 17-19, Moonstone Books will make a contribution to in order to create safe havens with food, healthcare and educations for the children affected by this war.

"This book looks as good as anything coming out of the Big Two, and it reads better than most of it." – Comixtreme

"If you're looking for superhero action with a clear vision then look no further than The Phantom."– Broken Frontier

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